through selfportraits, emma is questioning the absence of an emotional home and tries to examine certain feelings such as loneliness and helplessness. By portraying herself and her ever-changing surroundings, she attempts to give insight into the journey of understanding her inner self by showing her outer one. Through photography, she tries to gather evidence of her various emotional states.

she likes to stage herself in her own intimate spaces. the composed imagery discloses how she sees herself as an emotionally fragile figure, placed on an imaginary theaters stage.

Her deliberate choice of an analogue workflow introduces a temporal gap between the act of capturing and the later reflection upon the images. This intentional distance gives her the opportunity to detach from intense emotions and to reassess her feelings. It allows her to clarify her own current state of mind.

she especially caters to a younger generation where feelings of isolation and loneliness are becoming a recurring emotional state. Not only does she capture her own emotional landscape, but also intends to connect with others who may find solace and understanding in the universality of emotions and mental health.